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This site has been set up with a view to providing Surrey Residents with as much information as possible regarding the increase of crime following Surrey CC's decision to turn off our street lights between midnight and 5am.
We also need your help to force Surrey CC reverse their decision.

We believe that Surrey CC has put savings before public safety and in doing so the are putting Surrey Residents at risk.

Please support us by signing our petition and joining our Facebook Group.    

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News Updates
As I write this 27th January 2018, almost a year has passed and the people of Surrey still want the street lights to be turned back on.

We now have concusive evidence that the Surrey CC decision to turn off the street lights has caused a crime wave.

I have asked Cllr Hodge for a meeting to discuss the matter in detail. He has as yet not acknowledged any of my requests even though I  have advised him that I speak now on behalf of 11,000 very unhappy Surrey residents.

As such I have formed an alliance with a group of like minded Councillors who are willing to stand with me and against the part night lighting scheme. I have councillors from all parties supporting the campaign including Conservatives. I have County, District and Parish Councillors ready and willing to contest the decision and demand that the lights go back on.

Paul Steynberg, our statistitian has for months been gathering raw data from Surrey Police. He now has details of every single crime committed in Surrey over the last 10 years. In his latest development he has managed to cross match the data with Surrey CC's street lights information so that he now has pinpointed all of the crimes committed 2016 and 2017 to the exact geograpical point that they took place. The only detail that we are still missing is the exact times of each crime. Surrey Police are refusing to give this to Paul although they have not been able to state a valid reason as to why they are witholding these details.

In any case we now feel what we have combined with The College of Policing Report puts us in a position where we have inconclusive evidence that Surrey CC decision to turn off the street lights has caused a crime epedemic throughout Surrey.

The College of Policing Report states that improved street lighting does reduce crime by up to 21%. It also explains that improved street lighting has a direct effect on lowering crime during the hours of daylight. So in effect we don't need the times to prove our theory.

Paul is currently breaking down the County data in to towns and villages. As an example Paul has measured the statistics for an area just south of Coulsdon Common which is a residential area of 62 streets. This shows that in streets where the lights have been turned OFF by Surrey CC during 2017 that crime is up by 23% when compared with 2016. It also shows that where lights were left ON that crime is in face down by 50% when compared with 2016. 
In Bookham the outcome shows that streets with street lights OFF had in increase in crime of 18%. Those with street light ON had a decrease in crime of 35% and in Stoneleigh on streets affected by Surrey CC part night lighting scheme crime is UP by 157%. On streets where the lights were left on all night crime is still up but by only 6%.

I think that this proves beyond reasonable doubt that Surrey CC is 100% responsible for causing a crime wave.

Paul and I will be meeting with PCC David Munro on Friday 5th of February to discuss findings. Cllr Hodge was invited by John Lazenby to attend but declined saying that this is a Policing matter.    

BBC London is now interested in this campaign. Interviews have taken place with John Lazenby, Paul Steynbery and with a victime of crime who was willing to speak up. We are awaiting the broadcast date.



Together we can win this!