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Name : Andy shrimpton
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Crime has gone up. 

Name : Elaine Britten
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : To cut down on crime

Name : Pauline Belcher
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : I dont feel safe having the lights turned off and being disabled I feel I have to be home by a certain time so I can see where I am going on my mobility scooter.

Name : Sarah Smulders
Turn SOME Street Lights OFF
Comments : My car has been broken into twice after midnight. Neighbours and myself dont feel safe after dark.

Name : David Walton
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Purely & simply safety of both public & property.

Name : Pauline Harrison
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Safety, Theft of motor vehicles,

Name : Sue Hannaford
Q : Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Reduce crime AND the fear of crime. Stop house and car insurance premiums from increasing (all Police and motoring organisation advise driving and parking in well lit areas). People are having to change their lifestyles because of pitch black streets at night. This is NOT acceptable. The so called savings from this unsupported measure are already being outweighed by increased Police costs to name but one. The money for the lights IS available if the councillors relinquish their acceptance of their 60% pay increase and stop funding vanity projects such as art galleries. Unacceptable. This is not democracy.

Name : Kirsty Joy
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Longmead Estate, Epsom is a very dangerous and frightening area to be around at night. Let alone in pitch black. I come home between 4-5am. I have to park across the road and run to my flat and pray no one is waiting for me. As they can see me pull up but I can't see them. Cars vandalised and people attacked, with figures rising.
I look out the window and can see nothing in the street. Unnerving that they can see me at my window

Name : Susie Hancox
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : I have been a victim of night time crime since SCC decision to turn off the street lights

Name : Jackie prenzel
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : I leave for work at 3.30am, feel scared just to walk out the door ....

Name : Alan George
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : With all the street lights recently having been upgraded to LED's which as an Electrician I know these to be very good at saving power and as the timers don't seem to be working properly resetting could save more.

Name : Helen
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : you know why you should put street lights back you.
Start listening to everyone stop and think hard
How this is having effect on lives

Name : Sarah Carter
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : walking home late at night is not comfortable for any woman but with the lights out it's much much worse. My 21 year old daughter often comes home after midnight at weekends and I'm truly worried for her safety.

Name : Justin Gallagher
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : For safety and security of all Surrey residents

Name : Michelle corbin
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Was going to say keep every other one on but in my road if they turned one of nearest me it would be in total darkness because of wooded areas

Name : Garry Cole
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : If they can't be turned down a little then they should be left on.

Name : Elizabeth Nickle
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Its not safe - police are stretched anyways so why make crime rise as it has since the lights turned off? Put them back on!

Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Increased crime rate from car break ins to burglaries in my road alone since the lights have gone off between midnight and 5am.
As females we now feel very vulnerable walking home from the station if the train gets in after midnight. I have lived in this area for 32 years and have never felt so vulnerable as I do now

Name : Francesca Campalani
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : It is unsafe, scary and crime has gone up. Cars gets broken in every night!

Name : Brian Stevens
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Safety!

Name : Paula Viotto
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : The lights should remain on but dimmed - everyone has a right to feel safe. Where I live, the last train from London arrives in at 12.30, leaving many people vulnerable in trying to make their way home.

Name : Abbie Schafer
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : An inexcusably badly thought out and researched idea which costs more than it saves.
Putting people's homes, possessions, business and even lives in danger.
Save money in other areas, starting with Councillor Hodge's ridiculous salary and changing his plush office with luxurious lunches.

Name : Candy Edwards
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : People should not be too afraid to go out or put at risk (accidental or malicious) to save money, especially when the saving is from a service residents actually pay for.

Name : nathan adams
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : this is a safety issue, it should not be about the money. letting my wife and daughter walk home in no lighting is just not acceptable

Name : Mariya Zapryanova
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : We have been victims of a night crime in April 2017: Our motorcycle has been stolen from our driveway. Also we work on shifts so need night light.

Name : lesley janz
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : its like haveing a curfew lights out at midnight cant see a thing with ice and winter comming also makeing our cats a target for the cat killer as no one can see a nything as its pitch black

Name : John Curd
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : To reduce crime and provide people health and safety for all.

Name : Jane Alexander
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : There are many reasons to make sure that we have street lights on during the night.  Safety and crime are two that spring to mind straight away.  The darkness encourages criminals into thinking that they will get away with whatever they're trying for.  From the safety point of view I feel it is dangerous for anyone who is out after midnight of which many young people are.  We also need to think about all our shift workers - whether they be heading off to work or returning.  It feels as though it is a lack of respect to them - work regular hours and there are lights but go into shifts and you don't get looked after!! 
Personally, I moved to my road and not the country for the reason of there being people and lights, it was a criteria for me. 
I have lived in Surrey all my life and feel that this is very disrespectful of Surrey to it's residents.

Name : Susan Walsh
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Its just not safe these days to have streets in total darkness . Drivers cant see properly . People fall over as they cant see. Criminals have a huge advantage as they cant be seen. People are scared - its just not right .

Name : Judy Scillitoe
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : The safety and security of Surrey residents and visitors is more important than anything else.
It is not safe to walk home down the uneven footpaths with sex pests lurking in the local park coming off the last train which arrives past midnight!

Name : Jamie lewington
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Rather than walking home after midnight i must now get a cab as it is completely pitch black and feel uneasy walking in total darkness. Why should i now feel pressured to being home before midnight or having to spend out on cabs when i already pay council tax for services. I did not even no there were talks about turning off the lights and i would of definitely voted against if i had been given the chance.

Name : Frances standish
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Its unsafe to catch the last train with no lights to keep you aware of who or whats around you as you walk home . Crime has increased Im hearing all the time of cars being broken into and houses robbed because no one can see whats happening in the street when its pitch black

Name : Kelly Lawrence
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : Surrey is dark anyway. When The street lights are on they are very dim. To turn these lights off  completely is a health and safety issue. I can't see ANYTHING at all when the lights go off. We aren't in London where the streets are lit up by shop displays etc. We pay one of the highest council tax bills in SCC and it is time this money is stopped being wasted by the top dogs of SCC so that  cuts which affect the public safety within in the area need to be made. Get with the times SCC!

Name : Tilley
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : There has been crime in my area that never sees crime and its very dark without the lights on And eerie

Name : Keiron James
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : For the safety and security of all residents. Install timers appropriately so they only come on when necessarily. Which is not in place at the moment!

Name : Karen Yorke
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : I would originally have gone with turn some street lights off but it seems, for the very few people who did the originally survey,  SOME seems to have been translated as MOST

Name : Lisa Goldsmith
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : I have had my car hit twice and it has been broken into as well.  I will also now not leave the house after lights out as I am too scared to do so

Name : Anthony vigneron
Leave ALL Street Lights ON
Comments : A better option: we are in 2017; there are options for very efficient street lighting with LED, sensors and AI driven controls based on natural lighting, self adjusting start/finish times . It doesnt have to be 20th century thinking! Look at many other EU cities...

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